Germain M. Anthony

Curriculum Specialist

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Germain M. Anthony

Germain M. Anthony is a Curriculum Specialist at the Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development. His area of specialization is Technology Integration in Education. He has 27 years of experience in the Education Sector. He holds an Associate Degree in Teacher Education from UWI, Cave Hill program at SALCC, a BSc degree in Computer Science and Management from UWI, St. Augustine and a Masters in Design for Interactive Media from Middlesex University, London.

Mr. Anthony undertakes several roles in his present position at the Ministry:

  • Policy Development – coordinating and advising policy development activities in the emerging Technology Integration sector. Mr. Anthony was lead coordinator on the ICT in Education Policy and Strategy for Saint Lucia that was adopted in January 2019;
  • Project Proposal Writing – developing project proposals for grant funding and government funding to support ICT in Education initiatives. Mr. Anthony has had several successful engagements and applications for funding of technology projects for both schools and community;
  • Teacher ICT Training – organizing and facilitating Professional Development activities for teachers. ICT pedagogy is at the centre of successful ICT integration. Mr. Anthony has coordinated and facilitated several teacher ICT training workshops;
  • Project Implementation – leading technology integration projects at various schools and within the Ministry. Mr. Anthony has both initiated and led several technology programs at schools including a Computer Coding and Robotics program;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – carrying out and supporting research on ICT in Education initiatives. Mr. Anthony helps to monitor and report on the performance of several ICT in Education programs;
  • Digital Documentation – supporting other Curriculum Specialists with recording and documenting their activities and content resources. Mr. Anthony has established a web and social media presence for the body of Curriculum Specialists. Curriculum Guides and digital learning content have become more accessible through these means;
  • Digital Content Development – OER Development and digital conversion of teaching and learning materials. Mr. Anthony has facilitated capacity development in OER and coordinated OER development projects;
  • Curriculum Development – preparation of curriculum and ICT integration guidelines. Mr. Anthony has helped create curriculum guides for Digital Literacy and key stage guidelines for integrating technology in the classroom;
  • Representation – participating in stakeholder meetings on behalf of the Ministry and Saint Lucia both locally and abroad;
  • Consultation – supporting Technology in Education initiatives of partner institutions. Mr. Anthony has on several occasions given both technical advice and support to partner in education organisations mainly on a voluntary basis.
  • Best Practices – promotion and strengthening of professional groups in support of ICT in Education. Mr. Anthony has built and maintained strong relationships and support networks with technology in education experts and teachers.

Mr. Anthony is very passionate about improving access to quality education. In this regard he is a relentless advocate for Open Educational Resources (OER) and for Technology Enabled Learning (TeL). His vision for Technology in Education in Saint Lucia is that all citizens are able to access appropriate and high-quality learning materials and courses relevant to their interests in support of their lifelong learning and development.