#Gateways To Global Careers

Start Your Career at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College with our Gateway Programmes!


The Gateways to Global Careers programme enhances the global marketability, employability and entrepreneurship of graduates and facilitates a smooth transfer and admission to universities in North America, UK, Switzerland, Latin America and the Caribbean.
The College offers ten new Associate degrees classified as “Gateways to Global Careers” in the areas listed below.
  • Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality
  • Agri-entrepreneurship and Climate Smart Agriculture
  • Digital Humanities, Arts and Creative Industries
  • Health, Wellness and Human Performance
  • Technology, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Engineering Technology and the Circular Economy
  • Social Sciences and the Knowledge Society
  • Global Digital Economy, Trade and Fin-tech
  • Science, Technology, Innovation and Sustainability
  • Public Policy and Innovation Governance