Duration: 2 Years Sit Available: 25

Automotive Engineering

This programme is designed to provide students with a wide knowledge of Automobile Engineering and specific skills to enable them to function as technicians, or to pursue higher education qualifications in Engineering.

The programme addresses studies in automobile design, development and manufacture. It sensitizes students to the changing principles and processes employed in the construction and functioning of vehicles and fuel propelled engines.

Entry Requirements

General entry requirements for Associate Degree , including passes in Physics and other relevant courses for example: Mechanical Engineering; Chemistry, Technical Drawing. General Entry Requirements Associate Degree: Passes in at least five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency Level, including English A and Mathematics (Grades I, II, III) or GCE ‘O’ level (Grades A, B, C) or a combination of both.


Associate Degree in Automotive Engineering.

Programme Courses

DRW105 Engineering Drawing I & Cad EGP118 Workshop Theory and Practice I ELT109 Electrical and Electronics Principles EGP110 Automobile Practice I ESC103 Applied Engineering Science I EGP107 Automobile Technology I EGT109 Applied Mechanics I EGT108 Automobile Technology II EGP212 Automobile Practice II EGT218 Strength of Materials EGP217 Auto Theory and Practice EGP220 Internship

Learning Outcome


Now that you know that this ie the right course for you let us begin your application process.

To ensure that the process goes smoothly you will need the following: Scanned certified copies of your acdemic certifcates Digital passport photos Your Birth Certificate Marriage Certifcate (where applicable) Police Record (for ALL Teacher Training and Nursing programmes)


Info Classes

  • Start Date: September, 2020
  • Class Size: 25
  • Course Duration: 48hrs Each
  • Faculty: 1 Dean, 2 Lecturers,


Zephrina Lansiquot


Angelina Polius


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