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General Agriculture

This programme is designed to instruct students in the fundamental principles and related disciplines of Agriculture. It prepares them to undertake job responsibilities as senior technicians, middle management personnel, agricultural science teachers, commercial farmers or farm managers and it provides a base for advanced agricultural studies at the Degree level. During the period of study students receive tuition in Science, Farm Management and Production courses and participate in practical activities throughout. The focus of the programme is the use of modern scientific techniques with a business approach to agriculture and farming.

Students are required to complete a practical agricultural business project or a research project.

Entry Requirements

  1. Passes in at least five (5) subjects at CSEC General Proficiency Level (Grades I, II, III) or GCE 'O' Level (Grades A, B and C), or a combination of both. These must include English A (English Language), `Mathematics and two (2) science subjects (Agri-Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science). (chemistry is a is compulsory science)
  2. Applicants who have completed the Certificate Programme in General Agriculture at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College should have attained an overall minimum average score of 64% in that programme as well as a grade III or higher at CSEC level in mathematics
  3. Associate Degree (SALCC), or GCE ‘A’ Level or AS, or CAPE Certificate in required subject areas. Applicants who have not attained qualification in Chemistry at CSEC or equivalent level are advised to pursue a basic course in chemistry offered at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in the year or summer proceeding. Successful completion of other required courses at the Department of Continuing Education will be considered. (Contact the Department of Continuing Education (DOCE) telephone 457-7392).


Associate Degree in Agriculture

General Education Courses

COM103 Communication Studies I AGM105 Agriculture Mathematics CIT101 Computer Applications CHM102 Chemistry ASC102 Animal Science PSC101 Plant Science ECO101 Fundamentals of Economics COM104 Communication Studies II CIP201 Caribbean Issues and Perspectives

Programme Courses

SSC108 Fundamentals of Soil Science PAP106 Principles of Animal Production AGR112 Introduction to Ecology & Microbiology FRM111 Farm Management HCA204 Horticultural Crops Agronomy MPT204 Marketing & Post Harvest Technology VET211 Veterinary Science HWM205 Hydrology, Land and Water Management CPR212 Crop Protection and Pest Management AGR202 Livestock Management FMB208 Farm Machinery Building ABM216 Agribusiness Management PCP107 Principles of Crop Production

Practical Courses

FAP105 Farm Practice I FAP110 Farm Practice III FAP207 Farm Practice IV FAP213 Farm Practice V


Now that you know that this ie the right course for you let us begin your application process.

To ensure that the process goes smoothly you will need the following: Scanned certified copies of your acdemic certifcates Digital passport photos Your Birth Certificate Marriage Certifcate (where applicable) Police Record (for ALL Teacher Training and Nursing programmes)


Info Classes

  • Division of Agriculture
  • Start Date: September, 2020
  • Class Size: 25
  • Course Duration: 48hrs Each
  • Faculty: 1 Dean, 2 Lecturers,


Stephen Romain

Lecturer, Introduction to Ecology and Microbiology