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The Division of Agriculture (DAGRI) offers two programmes of study: Associate Degree (AD), and Certificate (CE). The duration of these programmes are 4 semesters (2 years) and 2 semesters (one year) respectively.

The Certificate programme prepares students to undertake job responsibilities as commercial farmers or workers at agricultural instiitutions.

The Associate Degree programme prepares students to undertake job responsibilities as senior technicians, middle management personnel, agricultural science teachers, commercial farmers or farm managers as well as providing a base for advanced agricultural studies at the Degree level.


Any three (3) CXC General Proficiency Level passes. Mature students who work in or are self-employed in the Agricultural Sector will also be eligible for consideration. Interview Required.

Associate Degree
Passes in at least five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency Level (Grades I, II, III) or GCE 'O' Level (Grades A, B and C), or a combination of both. These must include English A (English Language), Mathematics and two (2) Science subjects (Agri-Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Science), except Human & Social Biology.

All applicants who have not passed Chemistry at CXC level are required to take the Access Chemistry course at the College by the summer of the application year. Applicants who require additional Science subjects should take advantage of Access Science courses offered at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College during the summer preceding their entry.
Semester 1:
Reading and Writing Fundamentals
Elementary Mathematics
Plant Studies
Animal Studies
Introduction to Agriculture
Farm Practice-Crops

Semester 2:
Crop Production & Technology
Small Stock Production
Farm Business & Marketing
Basic Farm Machinery and Building
Farm Practice-Livestock
Farm Practice-Agribusiness Pr
Semester 1:
Farm Practice-Livestock
Animal Science
Plant Science
Agricultural Mathematics
Communication Studies
Computer Applications

Semester 2:
Farm Practice-Crops
Introducation to Ecology & Microbiology
Fundamentals of Economics
Communication Studies
Principles of Crop Production
Fundamentals of Soil Science
Principles of Animal Production

Semester 3:
Farm Practice
Veterinary Science
Horticultural Crops Agronomy
Hydrology/Land & Water Management
Farm Management
Marketing & Post Harvest Technology

Semester 4:
Farm Practice
Caribbean Issues & Perspectives
Agribusiness Management
Crop Protection
Farm Machinery/Building
LIvestock Management