[icetabs theme="simple" active="1"][icetab title="Programme Details"]The Division of Arts, Science and General Studies (DASGS) offers courses leading to the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).


[icetab title="Entry Requirements"]General Entry Requirements: Passes in at least five (5) subjects at CXC General Proficiency Level, English A and Mathematics (Grades I, II III) or GCE 'O' Level (Grades A, B, C) or a combination of both.

Students must meet the College's General Entry Requirements (above).  In addition, each of the following requirements must be met:

* Students must have CXC Grades I or II in at least three of the five subjects they are offering as entrance qualifications.
* Of those five subjects, the Division will consider only one from among the group of Technical and Vocational Subjects, such as Technical Drawing, Food and Nutrition and Information Technology.
* Non-CXC qualifications will be considered on an individual basis.

Students will be advised about subject choices after they have been accepted into the Division. They should, however, note the following:

* Priority will be given to candidates who have obtained Grades I and II in the subjects they wish to study at Advanced Level.
* Where a subject is offered at CXC, the Division will in most cases required a pass (usually at Grades I and II) in that subject as a prerequisite for entry to that subject at Advanced Level.
* Certain subject combinations may not be possible because of timetabling constraints.
* All entrants are required to take three Advanced Level subjects, usually drawing at least two from one of the following groups:


[icetab title="Courses"]Accounting
Applied Mathematics
Caribbean Studies*
Communication Studies*
Digital Media
Environmental Science
Literatures in English
Management of Business
Pure Mathematics

*All students take Communication Studies in Year One and Caribbean Studies in Year Two along with three subjects each year.[/icetab][/icetabs]