salcc researchThe SALCC community is invloved in individual research initiatives in creating new knowledge in the fields of Arts, Humanities, Education, Science, Technology or wherever their passion lie. The College, as part of the transformation process, is currently undertaking internal and national research as they seek to pave the way forward to University College status.

The College seeks to establish in the near future dedicated research centres which would not only serve St. Lucia but the entire Caribbean region. As such the College is exploring grant funding and collaborative agreements with universities and other institutions in support of this venture. Possible dedicated research centres are currently under consideration:

        •Derek Walcott Centre for Excellence in Literary Studies & Performing Arts
        •Institute for Sustainable Solutions(Greening the Caribbean)
        •Centre for New Technologies Research in Education in the Developing Countries
        •Creole Language & Cultural Studies Institute
        •Centre for Gerontological Research and Education in the Caribbean (a latitudinal study)
        •Center of Excellence: Women in Community Health Nursing